Actress Molly Quinn gets quizzed by family about TV boyfriend

Actress Molly Quinn who plays “Alexis Castle” on ABC’s Castle was recently at the “The Wait Is Over! ABC’s Castle Is Back event at The Paley Center. When asked about  I asked about what fans will enjoy the most she said “I hope that they will fall in love with “Pi” as much as Alexis has and I am not thinking that they are. My family was very unhappy about it. I was at a family event and they all came up to me and they were like so what about this new guy you’re dating and of course, I think they are talking about my life and I am like no one and I’m like oh you’re talking about the show. So I hope they eventually warm up to Pi”.

Castle is a TV series starring actor Nathan Fillion and actress Stana Katic. The show is about how after someone imitates the killings like in his novel novels, successful mystery novelist Richard “Rick” Castle (Nathan Fillion) gets permission from the Mayor of New York City to join an NYPD homicide investigation team lead by Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) for research purposes.

“Castle” airs Monday’s at 10pm on the ABC Network. Follow Molly on Twitter here.

Actor Jon Huertas Confesses! “I am a real nerd at heart”

Actor Jon Huertas who plays Detective Espisoto on ABC’s Castle was at the “The Wait Is Over! ABC’s Castle Is Back event at The Paley Center. In talking about pop culture he confessed that he was once a hard-core nerd.

“I am the only one of the cast that can legitimately say that I was in a D&D Club (Dungeons & Dragons). Some of them probably wouldn’t even know what that is…I’m a real nerd at heart,” said Huertas.

He also talked about his character Detective Esposito and if we get to see him more this season “Yeah there is some stuff coming up with Laney and Esposito that will be on a serious note and with detective Ryan with his wife being pregnant and how will affect their relationship”.

Castle is a TV series starring actor Nathan Fillion and actress Stana Katic. The show is about how after someone imitates the killings like in his novel novels, successful mystery novelist Richard “Rick” Castle (Nathan Fillion) gets permission from the Mayor of New York City to join an NYPD homicide investigation team lead by Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) for research purposes.

“Castle” airs Monday’s at 10pm on the ABC Network. Follow Jon on Twitter here. Check out the video below.

Event: “The Wait Is Over! ABC’s Castle Is Back At The Paley Center

ABC’s hit show “Castle” took over The Paley Center last week in Beverly Hills to celebrate the new season as members of the cast and creative team participated in a special event featuring a lively on-stage conversation, followed by a preview screening for loyal fans and press got a chance to attend. Be warned, if you haven’t caught up on this season already, there are spoilers below.

Andrew Marlowe the Creator & Executive Producer of Castle, If you don’t know the man, go look him up, when asked about what fans will enjoy most this season “I think fans have an expectation to see what’s going to happen with the Castle/Beckett relationship. They finally got engaged and really explore what that engagement means as they head towards the next phase of their relationship and they’ll face the same challenges that any couple who’s gotten engaged have faced and of course it’s filtered through the ‘Castle lens’, so it’s going to be heightened, it’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be dramatic. I think fans can expect more great fun cases in the very much ‘Castle language’ we all know and love”.

Marlowe when on to say, when asked about the character development of each season “Part of our challenge is that everything has to be filtered through a murder investigation. So it’s very hard to do character-based scenes if the murder is moving forward. So you know we would like to give credit to everyone including Castle and Beckett but we also have to tell a procedural. But we’ve enjoyed developing them and we feel every season they get a little richer as they deserve to get”.

Also in attendance was everyone’s favorite detective duo actors Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas. When asked about the Castle and Beckett relationship this season “I think they will enjoy that the two of them finally admitting that they are going to be together forever and the rest of us have to sort out our relationship with that. I think the fans will be very happy that romance is finally sealed and we’re not backtracking with anything”. said Dever.

Huertas followed up by saying “We’re going to see how that affects the precinct. Detectives Ryan and Esposito will definitely get to see their ‘big sister’ moving on to a whole different type of life. I think that is one thing the fans will enjoy the dynamic of the team changing for the better”.

Castle is a TV series starring actor Nathan Fillion and actress Stana Katic. The show is about how after someone imitates the killings like in his novel novels, successful mystery novelist Richard “Rick” Castle (Nathan Fillion) gets permission from the Mayor of New York City to join an NYPD homicide investigation team lead by Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) for research purposes.

For more pictures from the event click here. “Castle” airs Monday’s at 10pm on ABC. Follow Castle and The Paley Center on Twitter.

Interview: Actor Byron Brochmann

Last week I got a chance to talk to actor Byron Brockmann. While you may not know the name, you may want to respect the man as to many pop-culture geeks this actor already has serious “street cred” on his resume. HBO’s “The Pacific“, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” are just to name a few of the gold stars he’s earned. Recently he’s been seen on FOX’s new hit show “Terra Nova“.

K: How did you become involved with “Terra Nova”?

B: It’s actually filmed where I’m located which is Queensland, Australia and also “The Pacific” was done in North Queensland and also in Victoria, Australia. So prior to both these series I worked with people in the industry on other productions and the casting directors knew my face and name, which is a good thing. So when Terra Nova came up I obviously heard about it and auditioned for it and from then on it went as usual with the casting process and I was lucky enough to get a small but particular role on a few episodes and I am eternally grateful for it.

K: What’s been your favorite moment on set so far?

B: I love the big scenes where there is a lot of cast and a lot of extras and there is a lot happening. I mean really filming those really big scenes where there are dinosaurs and the “6’ers” things like that I just love and it does kinda make my job easier as an actor as well.

K: Working with someone like Stephen Lang can be a pretty big deal. What was it like meeting him?

B: I gotta admit before doing the show, knowing he was going to be on it and after watching him on “Avatar” you do get that idea in your head “oh I don’t know about this guy” and you don’t know anything else other than basically his Avatar role and that’s how you picture him. But when I met him, I wasn’t shy or nervous as I kinda expected I might be to some extend. But he’s a great guy and he does know how to joke and have a laugh. Which makes the job easier as well. It’s been a blast working with him.

K: Ok cheesy question but if YOU could go back in time, where would you go?

B: If I were to go back in time it would probably be back to the 1920’s. Because I love that period and the culture and society back then is totally different to what it is now. I think it would be a great experience to see what it would be like back then.

K: Ok besides working on something huge like Terra Nova, you ever get a chance to watch TV or see any recent films?

B: Well I am a huge fan of comic books films. I am a huge sucker for those. I’ve also been a huge fan of the James Bond franchise. Though some of my favorites are “Crash” and “Man on Fire”.

K: One last question. Watching HBO’s “The Pacific” on TV was amazing. But tell me what was it like working on set?

B: There are a lot of things I could say about The Pacific. I mean I loved working on it. Of course, you get those long days where the sun is blaring in your eyes and you got dust in your face and you been doing the same takeover and over. But I mean at the end of the day you can’t ask for anything better in terms of working on a production. I was on it for 9 months, which is huge and just the scale of it and the amount of artistic elements from everyone was amazing. It was a great experience and watching the outcome just blew me away.

This is one blogger who is looking forward to seeing Byron do great things! You can catch Byron on FOX’s “Terra Nova” on Monday’s at 8pm and don’t forget to check out his IMDBTwitter, and main website.

Interview: Actress Mekenna Melvin

For all you pop culture fans out there, if you haven’t been watching NBC’s “Chuck” recently, then you haven’t seen the beautiful and deadly, yes she has a black belt in real life, Mekenna Melvin, who plays Alex McHugh, the daughter of John Casey(Adam Baldwin). Last week this pop culture geek got to talk with Mekenna on the phone and ask her some questions.

K: So how did you land the role of Alex and become apart of the series?

M: Chuck was this amazing, awesome, I like to call it my “winning the lottery” moment, because in the audition process It didn’t say anything about being John Casey’s daughter. I mean I went in and did my audition. Next thing I know I got it and they told me I had a name, though a couple months later my manager calls me and says “They are going to make the character Alex a lot bigger part, so because of that you have to go back in and re-audition”. I mean I already got the first episode that my character was in and I had to go back and re-audition. I was nervous but it all worked out for the best.

K: The cast looks like they would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Have there been any favorite moments during the production with them?

M: The cast is amazing! I would consider them all friends. I mean I have so much fun. Yvonne is one of my greatest friends in the world and Josh makes me laugh. There really isn’t just one because it’s so much fun all the time.

K: Playing Adam Baldwin’s daughter can get you a lot of “geek cred”. What’s it like working with him?

M: I think my mom was more excited for me with working with Adam than I even knew I was. She is a huge Firefly fan and when she heard she was like “Wait a minute what?!” Honestly, I really had no idea walking into it. I mean he’s Adam. He’s seasoned. He’s a professional. I learn so much from working with him.

K: Besides “Chuck”, are there any other shows you’re watching right now on TV that you love?

M: I love watching American Horror Story. Though I don’t though it’s kinda like one of those things like why do you do this to yourself because you can’t sleep afterward. I don’t know why I put myself through this, But the show is so good! I am totally hooked on that show and it terrifies me.

K: Well what about movies? What’s your favorite?

M: You know that’s a hard question. I guess my go-to answer is, I mean we all have that movie that we like that never gets old for you to watch and for whatever reason, I love “A League of their Own”. I know every line of that movie. As embarrassing as that is, I just love it!

K: Have any projects your currently working on?

M: I have a little indie film that me and two of my friends co-created a couple years ago and were able to get a distribution deal. The movie is called “Amber Lake” and it’s on iTunes, On Demand, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, and VOD. So at the moment, that’s happening and I am really proud of it.

K: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

M: Anytime!

You can check out Mekenna on “Chuck” on Friday’s at 8pm on NBC. You can also check out the IMDB website for her indie film “Amber Lake” here

‘Archie’s Final Project’ Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere

This past Thursday night at the Laemmle Monica theater in Santa Monica, Actor Adrian Grenier hosted a star-studded red carpet premiere of the award-winning film “Archie’s Final Project”. Bringing out the film’s cast and big names in the film industry including executives from Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Big Air Studios and also executives from some of the most high-profile technology brands including iTunes/Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Verizon.

When asking the Director of the movie, David Lee Miller, about what it was like making this film “It was an absolute dream. To work with young people and empower their voices, it’s just been fantastic!” said Miller.

I also got to talk with Gabriel Sunday who plays the main character Archie about what it was like making the film, “I lost myself in it for 3 years during editing and ya know it’s a heavy film. It’s a heavy film to take part in, it’s a heavy film to watch. It completely changed my life and the film is all about the connection which taught me how to connect. Ya know Archie went through his own changes in this film and I went through very similar ones” said Sunday.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s already playing at select theaters around the country and will start playing at select AMC Theaters soon near you.

Celebrities Voice Their Opinions at the 2011 “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar Viewing Party

It was a night of glitz and glamor on Sunday as I attended the 2011 “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar viewing party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. While there was much talk of who people think would win the Oscar for best more or best actor, many celebrities came and voice their opinions about world news that is currently happening.

Actor Phil Morris, who many know from playing Martin Manhunter on “Smallville“, gave me his thoughts about Egypt and what social media did in the revolt, “I think it breaks down barriers; whether they are religious or political, I mean there are agendas of all types. I’m not downing politics or religion, but it gives the populous knowledge that they didn’t have before. It gives them access to truths that they didn’t have before”.

I also got a chance to talk to Actor Gary Busey, who many know from the movie “Lethal Weapon“. When asked about what he thought about the protests in Wisconsin, he said “I think America is finally learning how to turn the dump over and get rid of the bull and put it on the people who celebrate the destruction”.  When also asked about his thoughts on Egypt he replied “Who cares, I think we should be a concern for our country. We need to stay out of the messes those guys are creating”.

Actor Ed Asner, from the animated movie “Up“, said “It’s ridiculous. We have these billionaires financing this joke of a governor. Its people like that destroys the communal effort that this country is capable of.” when asked about the Wisconsin protests.

Entertainment Lawyer Gloria Allred, who had a lot to say about the Charlie Sheen fiasco “I have long been concern that he may be a risk of harm to himself or others. I’ve sad that I’ve written that in open letter to Charlie Sheen and now he hurt more than 200 people who are out of work because of his conduct”.

For more information about the event check out

Hollywood Celebrates the Oscars at the 2011 “Night of 100 Stars” Viewing Party

I got a chance to attend the annual “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar viewing party at the glitzy Beverly Hills Hotel here in Southern California. As an entertainment blogger, I always get excited about the Hollywood award season. The red carpets are rolled out in style and we get to see some amazing films. But what is even cooler are the Oscar parties.

As the press and I camped out in the Hotel on the red carpet, we waited for the 187 celebrities planning to attend this year’s annual viewing event. To give you an idea of what the viewing party is all about, “Night of 100 Stars” is considered the biggest party for the number of celebrities that attend and is considered the third biggest Oscar party in Hollywood.

As celebrities began to arrive I got a chance to talk to Actor Keith David, who many know from such movies as “Platoon” and “Crash”. When asked about his favorite Oscar-nominated movies, he said “I loved ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘The Fighter’. I hope they win tonight”.

Later in the evening, I interviewed the beautiful and talented Actress Taylor Cole who plays Vicky Roberts on NBC’s “The Event”. We got a chance to talk a little about what’s coming up on the show, she said jokingly “If I told you I’d have to kill you”. But she went on to say “There is going to be a bunch of different characters that haven’t worked together yet that come together. So we get to see new dynamics on the show. There is also going to be a lot of twists, a lot of answers, and a lot of new questions”.

Also walking the red carpet was Actor Jake Busey, who many know from “Starship Troopers”. When asked about what he was up to nowadays, he said “I’m developing a film called a sweet ride, it’s a romantic comedy. That I will be directing and it takes place in NY. It’s actually sort of a remake of an old classic. I’m very excited to be moving into directing films and not just acting.  It’s something that I have always wanted to do”.

For more information about the event check out

Geeks Unite For Felicia Day and ‘The Guild’ DVD/Book Signing at The Grove

Last night fans of the popular online web series “The Guild” came out in force to The Grove’s Barnes & Noble bookstore for a chance to meet Actress Felicia Day and cast members from the series. The DVD/book signing was to promote “The Guild” Season 4 on DVD and the new graphic novel now on sale.

The event started out with taking questions from the audience which many were directed at Day as she has been in such shows as “Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. When asked about her new web series “Dragon Age” she talked about how she had to go through 3 months of fight training to get prepared for the role. The cast also talked about some of their favorite moments on set, which got a lot of laughs from the audience. Though by the end of the night fans went home happy as Day and the cast stayed and gave autographs to everyone at the event.

For more information about “The Guild” web series check out their site here and follow them and Felicia Day on Twitter at @theguild @feliciaday.

‘All-Star Superman’ Movie Premiere Event at The Paley Center in Los Angeles

February 17, – Premiering at The Paley Center in Los Angeles, the stars came out to watch the latest in the DC Entertainment and Warner Premiere movie series, “All-Star Superman” animated movie. The animated film is an adaptation of a comic book series written by Grant Morrison about Superman’s final days on Earth.

“It’s 100%, pure Superman. It feels very old school and at the same time, it feels very fresh and modern. Not only is it a really faithful adaptation of the comic material but it’s a good movie period. I think just from beginning to end it does everything you want a superhero movie to do. It’s exciting and really heartfelt. So when you get to the end of it, you feel like you have experienced something.” said legendary Producer Bruce Timm.

Voicing Superman in the film is Actor James Denton, who many know from ABC’s Desperate Housewives. When asked about doing the voice over for the iconic role he said “It’s pretty intimidating and really an honor. That’s not an overstatement. I mean I was really nervous about doing it. I wanted to do service to the character and the franchise and I know the fans are very protective of the character.”

Also attending was the very iconic Casting Director Andrea Romano. When asked about why they choose Denton to voice Superman she said “We needed a different emotional level than we have seen in the previous Superman carnations and I am a huge fan of his work. He also has the sound of a strong man but also the sensitivity to cover the entire emotional arc which is different than any other of the animated films.”

As the theater was filled with press and fans alike the movie went over well with everyone.  All in all, it was a “super” night with a great movie that any fan will love and should have in their DVD movie collection. “All-Star Superman” comes to DVD/Blu-Ray February 22, 2011.

Check out the trailer below.