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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

So who’s ready for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Coming out in July the Half-Blood Prince will be the latest movie installment of the Harry Potter Franchise. From the look of the movie it is going to be one the darkest in the series. Or at least that’s what my friends tell me who have read the book. Also just by the look of the trailer, it does not seem to be as family friendly anymore which I absolutely love. Darker the better I say for Harry Potter. Anyway enjoy!!!

Weekend Box Office: (5/29 – 5/31)


Movies Distributor “Weekend” Gross Total Gross
 1. Up  Buena Vista  $68,200,000  $68,200,000
 2. Night at the Museum II  20th Century Fox  $25,500,000  $105,296,000
 3. Drag me to Hell  Universal Pictures  $16,628,000  $16,628,000
 4. Terminator Salvation  Warner Brothers  $16,140,000  $90,657,000
 5. Star Trek  Paramount Pictures  $12,800,000  $209,500,000

The Weekend Look
Disney’s Pixar “Up” took the top spot this weekend, with great reviews and word of mouth, a whopping $68 million. Coming in second with a respectable $25 million and competition to Disney was Night at the Museum II. In third was Sam Raimi’s Drag me to Hell with $16.6 million. Followed by fourth and fifth with Terminator Salvation and Star Trek with $16.1 million and $12.8 million. Like always more Information can be found at or

Weekend Box Office: (5/22 – 5/24)


 Movies Distributors  “Weekend” Gross  Total Gross 
1. Night at the Museum:
    Battle of the Smithsonian
 20th Century Fox $54,173,286 $54,173,286
2. Terminator Salvation  Warner Bros $42,558,390 $42,558,390
3. Star Trek  Paramount Pictures $22,892,262 $184,526,281
4. Angels & Demons  Sony Entertainment $21,721,903 $81,832,529
5. Dance Flick  Paramount Pictures $10,643,536 $10,643,536

The Weekend Look
I know, I know, a day late and a dollar short on getting posts up. Though with the holiday and walking at my college graduation, I was a tad bit busy. But here im back and talk about a crazy weekend for a battle at the boxoffice. Speaking of battles, Night at the Museum 2 came victorious on the top spot with $54 million. Families came out in force for this comedy sequel. This was closely followed by Terminator Salvation who gave the museum a run for its money with raking in $42 million. Finishing the top three and still going strong is our favorite rebut franchise movie Star Trek, taking in a respectable $22 million. Angeles and Demons and Dance Flick came in 4th and 5th with $ 21 million and $10.6 million. As always more Information can be found at or

Weekend Box Office: (5/15 – 5/17)


Movies  Distributors  “Weekend” Gross  Total Gross 
1.Angels and Demons Sony $48,000,000 $48,000,000
2.Star Trek Paramount $43,000,000 $147,611,000
3.X-Men Origins: Wolverine 20th Century Fox $14,800,000 $151,091,000
4.Ghost of Girlfriends Past Warner Bros/New Line $6,860,000 $40,062,000
5.Obsessed Screen Gems $4,550,000 $62,571,000

The Weekend Look
As predicted Angels and Demons took the top spot with a hefty $48 million. Even more so is reporting that movie “took a massive $104.3 million from 96 countries at the international box office”. It didn’t live up to Da Vinci, but it did the job of getting people to the theater. In second this week and gave the Holy themed movie a run for its money was Star Trek, beaming in with $43 million at the boxoffice. Coming in at third and still going strong was X-Men Origins:Wolverine with $14.8 million. In 4th and 5th place was Ghost of Girlfriends Past and Obsessed taking in $6.8 million and $4.5 million. The variety article can be found at and as always more Information can be found at or