Netflix Sweeps 47th Annie Awards

Streaming giant garners top honors in 18 categories, including best feature.

Netflix was the big winner at the 47th Annual Annie Awards last Saturday evening, garnering top honors in 18 categories, including Best Feature – Klaus; Best Feature – Independent – I Lost My Body; Character Animation in an Animated Feature – Sergio Martins for Klaus; Character Design in an Animated Television/Media Production – Keiko Murayama for Carmen Sandiego; Directing in An Animated Feature – Sergio Pablos for Klaus; Music in an Animated Television/Media Production – Rob Cairns for Love, Death & Robots; Writing in an Animated Feature – I Lost My Body; and Editorial in an Animated Feature – Klaus.

I have to admit the only thing I have seen in that list above was Love, Death & Robots, which was brilliant. Now I am curious to see Netflix’s other animated content.

For those who don’t know what the The Annie Awards are, they honor overall excellence as well as individual achievement in a total of 36 different categories from best feature, best feature – independent, production design, character animation, and effects animation to storyboarding, writing, music, editing and voice acting, and have often been a predictor of the annual Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

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