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REVIEW – Funny Story

I will be honest, I am a huge fan of the actress Emily Bett Rickards and it was a big reason that I went to the Los Angeles premiere of the film Funny Story. I really had no idea what I was walking into with the plotline, though what I got was an amazing story that is both tragically funny and deeply saddening.


Directed by Michael J. Gallagher, the film is a tragic comedy about a well-intentioned father Walter, played by actor Mathew Glave,  who inadvertently wreaks havoc on the life of his estranged daughter Nic, played by actress Jana Winternitz and her partner Kim, played by Emily Bett Rickards.

The basic story is that Walter is looking to rekindle his relationship with his daughter Nic by spending the weekend with her. She tells him that she can’t visit him because she’s going with a group of friends to a resort in Big Sur. Walter asks if he can join them. She reluctantly agrees. On the way, she asks him to pick up her friend Kim to bring with him. What he doesn’t know and finds out when arriving is that his daughter and all of her friends are lesbians and that Nic and Kim are a couple who are planning to get married that same weekend

Through a laundry list of questionable actions and decisions made by Walter, the overall question asked from the story is if you knew a secret that would ruin somebody’s life, would you tell them? This becomes his conflict through a series of hilarious and awkward encounters he has with his daughter, partner, and group of friends that he comes to know for the weekend.

What I Liked About It;

I really didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Director Michael J. Gallagher did a brilliant job at making you feel as is you were a part of the film in such a way as if you were overhearing someone else’s story or conversation. Which is why it was both funny, sad, and sometimes awkward to watch as if maybe you shouldn’t be watching this deep and very personal story about this group of people. The last movie that had that feeling for me was Director David O. Russell’s movie Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Actor Mathew Glave brought this amazing fine line between humor and tragic figure throughout the entire movie. His work was absolutely amazing in this role. Though it’s not surprising as he’s a seasoned actor who’s been on shows like ER, Stargate SG-1,  Army Wives, and Angie Tribeca. Looking at his IMDB page, he has a wide range of roles that are all across the spectrum. I firmly believe if it was anyone else in the role, the movie would not have been as good as it is.

After seeing Emily Bett Rickards in this movie I can honestly say she is underused on the CW’s Arrow. If she and her team are about to make some business moves then I can see why she jumped ship for next season.  I think Hollywood is about to see how truly talented she is. Her performance in this movie wasn’t just brilliant, it was real. You could feel the emotions she put into every scene.

What I Think Didn’t Work;

If anything it left you with questions at the end. But maybe that’s a good thing? It forces you to use your imagination and create a whole new story in your head in how you think the story ended.


If are looking for something completely different when it comes to your movie preference, then I would highly recommend Funny Story. Great acting, great story, it’s well worth checking out. Learn more about the movie at it’s website here and check out a click from the movie below.


10 out of 10
RUN TIME: 84 Minutes RATED: N/A PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cinemand, Blue Fox Entertainment
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