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REVIEW – Oblivion

As much as I love a good “end of the world” movie, Oblivion needs to just die off. I really wanted to like this movie and the little things I did like didn’t help the movie overall.


Jack Harper is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed on Earth. He and a partner are part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with a threat known as the Scavs. Living in and patrolling the skies from thousands of feet above, his existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a stranger from a downed spacecraft. Their arrival triggers a chain of events that forces him to question everything he knows.

What I Liked About It;

The only saving graces of this movie were seeing actor Morgan Freeman and everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones bad guy “Jamie Lannister” Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau, both complete with battle armor and really big guns. Sure the storyline was somewhat cool and Tom Cruise isn’t horrible in his role. I will say the ending twist is the part I think most people won’t see coming and honestly I think it’s pretty clever compared to other sci-fi, end of the world movies.

Also, any time I get to see the actress and stuntwoman Zoe Bell on the big screen is a solid thumbs up in my book.

What I think Didn’t Work;

My biggest issue with the movie lies with the music score. The more movies I watch, I find the music in it can either make or break it. This time the music didn’t help the movie. If anything is made it distracting as I found the score confusing and overdramatic in places that really didn’t seem to fit. It felt like a movie that wanted to be both mainstream and independent at the same time.

Also, I get that Tom Cruise is a huge action star but I find his movies can be a hit or miss. For example, I loved his last movie Jack Reacher and his work in the Mission: Impossible franchise is brilliant because he knows how to embodies those types of characters.

Though Box Office Mojo said it best “At the beginning of the new century, Tom Cruise was arguably the biggest movie star in the U.S.: from Mission: Impossible II in 2000 to Mission: Impossible III in 2006, Cruise starred in seven-straight movies that earned at least $100 million at the domestic box office. Towards the end of that run, though, Cruise’s public image took a hit due to some of his more eccentric behavior and his strong association with the controversial Church of Scientology.”


Now it definitely has a few twists and turns that are uncommon in movies like this. I won’t give it away but the twists are the only good reasons why I say rent it when it comes to DVD. All in all, don’t waste your money at the box-office, just wait to watch it at home.

Check out the trailer below.


3 out of 10
RUNTIME: 2 hours and 5 mins RATED: PG-13 PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Universal
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