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REVIEW – Archie’s Final Project

As I sit here, I am trying to count how movies I have seen in the past 10 years and sadly I lost count. What I can remember is how many movies where I enjoyed the story so much that I forgot about the outside world. Archie’s Final Project does exactly that and more.


The movie is about Archibald Holden Buster Williams or Archie for short who is a 17-year old media geek that has suddenly found himself the most talked about person in his high school. He announced that he’s going to kill himself on camera for a class project. His classmates, parents, the most beautiful girl in school, and a bunch of shrinks, doctors, pill-pushers, and counselors descend on Archie to help him in some way. Some are hoping to save him, some want to imitate him, others try to push him over the brink. Archie films every moment of his high school experience, hiding nothing from his audience: realities of life, death, violence, sex, drugs, and the intense media overload and hypocrisy that bombard all teenagers.

What I Liked About It;

Actor Gabriel Sunday probably is best known for a small stint on The Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody hits this character out of the park with a brilliant performance. His realism of a teenager trying to find himself is beyond memorable, which will remind you of your own past in growing up during high school.  His intensity of the role truly makes both his performance and the movie what it is, which is unforgettable.

Though While Sunday was amazing lead, I would say his co-lead actress Brooke Nevin brings a whole extra layer of amazingness to the story. Known for her work on The 4400, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and Animorphs, her ability to bring a character that is two-faced, popular at school and internally empty at home is beyond amazing.

What makes the movie is the acting between Gabriel Sunday and Brooke Nevin. The range of emotions they bring to the story is simply superb. You find yourself emotionally attached to them because everyone at one point has gone through what they are experiencing. These two are top notch actors that you should keep an eye out for in the future.

What is also interesting is that the movie is one of actor David Carradine’s last movies before he died. Which eerily passed away from suicide. His performance is memorable and is top notch.

What I Think Didn’t Work;

This was one of the most intense movies I have seen in a long time. Shot beautifully, written amazingly with a cast that brought their A game to the table. I mean for once I can’t find anything that I didn’t like.


If you are looking for something intense and completely different than from what out in theaters, then go check this movie out. The movie premieres in Los Angeles this Thursday and is opening up in selected theaters on Frida,y September 23. It’s also going to run at select AMC Theaters starting September 30.

Check out the trailer below.


10 out of 10
RUN TIME: 1 hour and 47 minutes RATED: N/A PRODUCTION COMPANY: Archie Films, Go Code Productions, Luminaria Films, Regenerate Films, Red Rover Films
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