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Celebrities Voice Their Opinions at the 2011 “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar Viewing Party

It was a night of glitz and glamor on Sunday as I attended the 2011 “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar viewing party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. While there was much talk of who people think would win the Oscar for best more or best actor, many celebrities came and voice their opinions about world news that is currently happening.

Actor Phil Morris, who many know from playing Martin Manhunter on “Smallville“, gave me his thoughts about Egypt and what social media did in the revolt, “I think it breaks down barriers; whether they are religious or political, I mean there are agendas of all types. I’m not downing politics or religion, but it gives the populous knowledge that they didn’t have before. It gives them access to truths that they didn’t have before”.

I also got a chance to talk to Actor Gary Busey, who many know from the movie “Lethal Weapon“. When asked about what he thought about the protests in Wisconsin, he said “I think America is finally learning how to turn the dump over and get rid of the bull and put it on the people who celebrate the destruction”.  When also asked about his thoughts on Egypt he replied “Who cares, I think we should be a concern for our country. We need to stay out of the messes those guys are creating”.

Actor Ed Asner, from the animated movie “Up“, said “It’s ridiculous. We have these billionaires financing this joke of a governor. Its people like that destroys the communal effort that this country is capable of.” when asked about the Wisconsin protests.

Entertainment Lawyer Gloria Allred, who had a lot to say about the Charlie Sheen fiasco “I have long been concern that he may be a risk of harm to himself or others. I’ve sad that I’ve written that in open letter to Charlie Sheen and now he hurt more than 200 people who are out of work because of his conduct”.

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